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Leader Group takes customer service and technological innovation as its mission. In 2012, it set up a research and development center in Jiangsu's production base, and within a few years, it quickly expanded to a design team of more than 40 people. One is to continue to grow the scale of the R&D team through campus recruitment, talent introduction, and other channels. The second is to improve the technical capabilities of engineers. Through the development of systematic training plans, we must train more professionals who understand the system knowledge so that they can communicate with customers to tap their potential future needs; the third is to strengthen cooperation with universities to enable R&D. The development capacity of the center has reached the world's advanced level.

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The design engineering team has formed a set of full-process digital quality control process systems through continuous summarization of design and production experience, from product raw material storage, workshop manufacturing, product testing, and warehousing to establish a complete and efficient quality traceability system, Provide strong technical support to achieve 100% product testing. At the same time, the design engineering team also has rich engineering practical experience. Therefore, it can provide customers with engineering technical consultation, remote technical guidance, and later operation and maintenance guidance, provide comprehensive products and supporting services, solve practical engineering problems of customers, and provide more for global customers. The value-added benefits of the company have also received unanimous praise from users.

The Leader laboratory is established following the requirements of the national CANS and has third-party independent testing qualifications. The laboratory covers about 300 square meters and has 40 leading test equipment (sets). It can conduct mechanical, electrical performance, environmental, material characteristics, and other safety and reliability tests. The testing standards are based on traditional international standards such as EN50521, EN50548, UL3730, EN50618, etc. The leading researchers in the laboratory often publish experimental results and publish papers in domestic and international journals to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry.